East Tennessee Over-hill Intertribal Descendants

The following was provided by the East Tennessee Over-hill Intertribal Descendants:


We are the East Tennessee Over-hill Intertribal Descendants
We are a educational group of Inter-tribal Native American Descendants, that want to teach those of our generation, as it was taught to us by our ancestors, about our Native American Heritage & Culture.
We will have demonstrations every hour, starting at 6pm. nightly
We are setting up a dance circle. Everyone will be invited and encouraged to participate in some of the dances that were passed down to us from our ancestors.
 We will have storytellers in front of the Medicine Lodge – (Tipi)
We will have lots of singing, dancing, storytelling, flute playing and many other things for you to enjoy. We will also have Native American Style Crafts.
Thundering Buffalo is bringing his
He will have his blowgun shooting arena. He also has some new games for the young and the young at heart as well. He’s bringing his plants and herbs, he will talk about their uses, both edible and medicinal, some of which are growing in your own front yard. He will also tell you a lot of useful things about the foods we eat every day that a lot of people are not aware of.
A great time will surely be had by all, so come and join us.

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